Community Service

Here are a couple of community service activities that should be fun:

1) On Halloween come to Belmont Village Senior Living Center and trick or treat with the seniors (2:15 - 4:00 pm)  (My troop has done this the last two or three years and my girls asked to do it again.  Its a lot of fun.)

2) Westwood Halloween Carnival:
           Juniors and above: On the Saturday before Halloween, October 25, come help out at the Westwood Club's Halloween Carnival 10 - 2:30
           Any troop: Cakes for the cake walks are needed. 

Please contact Stephanie Wiesenfarth, our community service lead, if your troop would like to participate in either of these activities.  She can be contacted at the email on the contacts page.

Community service opportunities with Friends and Family Community Connections, an organization that hands out food to those that can not afford it.