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Adult Award Forms

If you want to nominate an adult for a SU award  (SU award nominations due beginning of May of each year and awards given out at our SU Leader dinner in June of each year).  Please submit award submissions to Julie Purdy (  

Peer Nominated Awards: 

      1.  The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an adult in a position other than leader or in addition to being a leader whose service benefits a service unit area or program audience in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position. (More than one person may receive this award in a service unit, in the same year.)

2.     The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes troop leaders and assistant troop leaders whose performance in working with girls is so outstanding that it merits recognition by the service unit. (More than one person per service unit/per year may receive this award.)

3.     The Spirit Award recognizes non-member individuals, groups/ organizations, or businesses that offer service or non-monetary support that is deserving of council-wide recognition.

4.     The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes someone who is new to our service unit the year who is doing 100% and it really shows.

5.     The Cookie Parent Award  recognizes a volunteer that really helped the troop or service unit be successful with cookie sales. 

  Self-Nominated Awards:

1.     The Award of Distinction recognizes members of the service unit team or leaders/co-leaders who have carried out the duties and responsibilities of the position that they hold for the entire year.        

2.  The Adult Position Bar indicates the present position of a volunteer in the Girl Scout organization. A yellow pin indicates the position of leader/co-leader and the light blue a Service Unit Team Member.  New members to the team or leaders will receive this pin. 
3.     A Pin for the Number of Years in Girl Scouts (as an adult AND a girl) is given with special pins for 5, 10, 15, etc. 

  Council Awards (Requires Formal Submission to Council and Council Makes Final Selection)

 More information can be obtained about Council awards on the council website.  It should be noted that people nominated at this time will be submitted for awards in 2014 as the council deadline for submission in April 30th, 2013.  Please see: to obtain forms and further information. 

      1.  Appreciation Pin is presented for outstanding service to a service unit or program delivery audience.

      2.  Cookie Award recognizes service unit cookie coordinators and area managers for going above and beyond their duties to promote the cookie sale, increase sales and/or provide extraordinary service to volunteers.

        3.  Courage, Confidence and Character Award is presented for significant contributions to the organization’s success through volunteer service and leadership in a community project, as well as demonstrated quality of leadership through service to service units, multiple troops or girl activities.

      4.  Family Award is presented to a family in which two or more members have contributed to Girl Scouting beyond the troop level over a period of time.

        5.  Friendship Award recognizes individuals, groups/organizations or businesses that provide superior service, contributions or assistance to Girl Scouts San Diego.

        6.  Honor Pin is presented for outstanding service to two or more service unit areas or program delivery audiences.

      7.  President's Award recognizes top-performing service units that have achieved the council’s goals during the membership year.

      8.  Thanks Badge is the highest honor an adult can receive. The candidate has provided truly outstanding service that has benefited the entire council and furthers the council’s overall mission and goals.

      9.  Thanks Badge II is presented to candidates who have already received the Thanks Badge and have continued to provide outstanding service at the council level.

      10.  Volunteer of Excellence Award recognizes volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering with girls in any pathway or in support of council's mission delivery (i.e. behind the scenes service).