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If You Want To:

You Need:

Has a meeting or activity that includes non-registered girls, siblings or adults


you are traveling outside of Council's area

Additional insurance is needed when non-GS-registered people participate in a GS event.  Please refer to the following:  to determine which type of insurance is required.  The form must be received by Council at least three weeks prior to the event. 

Host an event

Each of these forms should be completed and submitted to the Service Unit Team for approval prior advertising the event. 

For events that are held often, a binder has been created with past events, budgets and ideas that can be checked out by contacting the Service Unit Manager.  Binders currently exist for Daisy Days, Encampment, Brownie Spectacular, Third Grade Overnight, Thinking Day, He and Me, She and Me and Leader/Daughter. 

If non-girls scouts will be attending the event, additional insurance is required: 

 The following are items that might be helpful when planning an event: 

Complete your annual troop financial report
  • Detailed Cash Record for Troops/Groups (xls)
    • Note:  We CANNOT save a copy of this to our website that you can modify. In order to get a copy that you can modify, go to www. and click at the top on forms/resources.  Under keywords type in Financials.  You will get one option which is:  Annual Group/Troop, etc.  Click to open. 
  • Tutorial (ppt)
  • You can end your "year" on any date you choose.  Complete the Detailed Cash Record for Troops/Groups ending on that day. Attach a copy of your monthly bank statement where the balance agrees with your Detailed Cash record.  Make a copy for your own records and either email to Brenda Maas or mail a copy to: Brenda Maas, 18262 Smokesignal Drive, San Diego, CA  92127

Prove that Girl Scouts is a Charitable Organization 

Need to report an accident that took place  at one of your meetings.  

Request a re-imbursement check from the Service Unit

Costs must be preapproved prior to event or activity by the SU team. 

Open a  Troop Checking Account at Wells Fargo
All new checking accounts must be at Wells Fargo, under the new plan. Existing accounts that are out of date should also be switched. The Wells Fargo plan has no monthly or annual fees, no charge for checks, does not require a council member signature, and offers a debit card.

To open an account, please contact:
Melissa Martinez Cresser
Business Specialist
16901 Bernardo Center Dr
San Diego, CA 92128
Direct Line:858-676-7051
Branch Number:858-487-5323
NMLSR ID :511580

Re-Register your troop















You wish to update on-line membership registration information



  • All registrations MUST be done online.  If you need forms or information for re-registration (or new registration):  This link will get you to the the right place:
  •  If you did not register online last year, you must activate your account before you can register yourself or your daughter.  You must have an e-mail address on file in order to register online.  Click on the “Online Registration” button and then click on “New Visitors” and start the process.  
  •  If you did register online last year, you can either click on the “Returning Visitors” button or the “login” button on the left side of the screen.  If you forgot your username or password, there are help buttons.   
  •  Leaders in Multiple Troops:  You can go into your account, scroll down to the bottom and add your position code and corresponding troop number.
  • Co-op Troops:  The person listed as the leader (position code 01) must be responsible for registrations.  Troops can have 2 different 01's. 
  • If an on-line registration is completed by the leader via troop management, then parents must sign on the confirmation that they wished to have the registration completed and a copy of the signed confirmation must be sent to Jane McGuire.    

The only way to update school and grade was when the online membership registration form was available (individuals, parents, and leaders were suppose to review and update information prior to completing the renew membership transaction).
The following information can only be updated via the online membership registration form (either when becoming a new member or when renewing membership):
·         Date of Birth
·         School Grade
·         School Name
·         Years in Girl Scouts (girl/adult)
·         Pathway(s) of Interest (camp, events, series, travel, troop, virtual)
·         Pathway(s) of Entry (camp, events, series, travel, troop, virtual)
·         Highest level of Education
·         Employer
·         Title/Occupation
·         Household Income
·         Gender
·         Volunteer Position(s)/Role(s)
If this information is not updated via the online membership registration form before completing payment transaction, then a request must be sent to council registrar to update.
The following information can be updated anytime by designated troop 01(s) via "Troop Management" and going into troop member's individual record (when you click on the member's name):
·         Troop Meeting Information
·         Adult Member -
o   Address
o   Telephone
o   Email
o   Communication Options ("opt out")
·         Girl Member -
o   Address
o   Telephone
o   Email
o   Communication Options ("opt out")
o   Guardian Information
The following information can be updated anytime by individual/parent/guardian in member's individual record (when you log into individual online GSSD account):
Adult Member -
·         Address
·         Telephone
·         Email
·         Communication Options ("opt out")
·         My Volunteer Position(s)/Role(s) (please encourage adults to do this on their own rather than sending an email to council registrar - updating on their own is faster because I can approve these requests in bulk rather than individually)
·         My Account - Change UserName, Change Password, Race & Ethnicity, Update Security Info
Girl Member -
·         Address
·         Telephone
·         Email
·         Communication Options ("opt out")
·         Guardian Information
·         My Account - Change UserName, Change Password, Race & Ethnicity, Update Security Info
Instructions for updating girl and adult account information was included in troop registration packets (part of the steps for renewing membership) and is posted on our "online registration" webpage along with "How To" videos (, "online registration").

Disband Your Troop