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Troop Forms

Remember, every year be sure to update your troop forms! 

There is a new annual formParent Information Sheet

What Activities Should We Do? 
Let the girls suggest activities they are interested in. Another great resource is our monthly Leader Meetings where you can talk to other leaders and team members. You can ask your Activity Consultant (AC), she can also help you with questions and give suggestions. Email her here.  

I Know What We’d Like To Do…. Now What? 
Before you go, stop and check Checkpoints. Safety Activity Checkpoints are available for almost any event your troop is thinking of. You want to go swimming they have that. You want to go camping they have that too. How about surfing or rock climbing? Checkpoints are your How-To check list for activities.

Routine trips or events

Notify your service unit activity consultant about trips or events that don’t require approval. Follow the prompts to provide basic information.
 Submit to activity consultant

Trips or events requiring approval 

To request your service unit activity consultant's approval for a trip or event, prepare the Activity Approval Form and a sample Trip or Event Permission Form, then follow the simple steps to share details and upload the forms. Your activity consultant will be in touch soon.

An Activity Approval Form is needed when specified by Safety Activity Checkpoints, also see the list of activities on the Activity Approval Form.  

 Submit to activity consultant