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Investiture/Ceremony Ideas

posted Sep 24, 2015, 11:09 PM by Julie Purdy /RBSU
At our September meeting, the following poem was shared as part of an investiture idea.  A long strand of yarn was wrapped around the hand of each girl until they were all bound together. At the end, the yarn was cut and girls could glue it around pre-traced trefoils.  You can then have them sign or write compliments for each girl or draw a picture, etc to commemorate the event.  

Do you need ideas for a closing ceremony?  Investiture?  Check out this website for lots of great ideas!

Junior Bridging Poem
      (J. Brennan)

Take my hand in friendship

I give to you this day.
Remember all the good times
We had along the way.

Take my hand in helping
Other people that we know.
The more we give to others,
The more that we will grow.

Take my hands in learning
To camp on nature's ground.
Enjoying trails and campfires
With new friends that we have found.

Take my hand in giving
Our knowledge of true scouts
To girls we meet and talk to
Who have so many doubts.

Take my hand in thanking
Our leader and our guide.
With sincere appreciation
For standing by our side.

Take my hand in eagerness
To be an older scout.
We're proud to be bridging
Is what we're going to shout.

So take my hand to follow
New scouting paths in sight.
We're joining hands with each
And in friendship we'll unite.

(In Unison):
We give our hands in promise
To hold our country dea,
And abide the Girl Scout Law
Each day throughout the year.