This table lists the minimal training required for leaders and other members of a troop. 

A training calendar can be found at the Girl Scout Imperial Council Website

Troop Leader
  • New Leader Orientation (typically offered by member of the Service Unit)
  • Program Level Training (must be taken every time troop moves to a new level)
  • CPR/First Aid (must stay current)*

Assistant Troop Leader
  • New Leader Orientation (typically offered by member of the Service Unit)

Camping Parent
  • Let's Camp (for basic non-cooking sleep-overs)
  • Let's Cook (for camping that involves cooking)
  • Let's Tent (for camping in tents)
  • CPR/First Aid (must stay current)*
If your troop wants to use the Challenge Course or do Archery, specialized training is required.

Cookie Parent
  • Cookie Training (offered via Service Unit Cookie Team every year just before cookies start)

*CPR/First Aid courses can only be taken from council approved vendors.  These would include any courses offered by council, by our service unit or Red Cross approved courses.  On-line courses are never sufficient to meet the CPR criteria.  
For some events, such as encampment, proof of training will be required in order to register.  A copy of your training card provides proof.  You can also log on to your account at San Diego Imperial Council (click on Membership and Training Information which is a button on the bottom right).  Once you have accessed your records if you click on My Account on the left side and then My Orders, you will see a record of your training which you can print to demonstrate proof of training.  Click on the attachment below if you wish additional information on how to access your account or access your training.   

Julie Purdy /RBSU,
Feb 7, 2011, 9:00 AM