Winacka Warriors Troopcampment

February 19, 2022 Troopcampment 8:30am - 4:00pm

Individual Troop Overnights February 18th and 19th

DRAFT Schedule and Activities subject to change below. Please email Michelle at with suggestions and ideas.

Help Needed! Please email with any ideas/volunteers!

Troopcampment Registrar: track google signups and payments. Timeline Nov - Jan. From home and on your own schedule.

Troopcampment First Aider: Day of / one day only: Saturday, Feb 19th.

Troops to facilitate rotation stations for younger girls: 2 hour block of time total. Materials supplied by service unit. Own ideas or ideas from service unit.

What is Troopcampment? Why isn't this called Encampment? A couple key differences. Because we will not be supplying meals and because troops are not allowed to share sleeping units, this encampment weekend will follow a "Troopcampment" structure. Each troop is responsible for their own food. Any troop spending the night will do so as a troop overnight and that overnight will not be facilitated by the Service Unit or troopcampment. The Service Unit is facilitating the Saturday daytime activities only.

Draft Schedule:

Brainstorm/Draft of Troopcampment crafts and activities:

Possible Site Activities:

  • Archery - yes

  • Slingshots - maybe

  • Fishing - yes

  • Hiking - yes

  • Axe Throwing - maybe

  • Canoeing - maybe