Rancho Bernardo Service Unit 686

Adult Award and Recognition's Dinner:  June 4th 5:30 pm

It is time for our annual Adult Awards Recognition Dinner  to be held June 4th, 2017 5:30-7:30 at Templar Hall in Old Poway Park (next to the Hamburger Factory).  We will have a late afternoon garden tea so wear your hat and gloves and attend! This year this will be held on June 4th, 2017 at 5:30.  Here is the information in order to nominate another leader (or yourself).  

Service Unit Level Awards

Please submit both peer and self-nominated award submissions to Julie Purdy (julie@fmkeeper.com) by May 20thth, 2017 in order to be considered for the Volunteer Recognitions on June 4th, 2017.  Please provide who you would like to submit, for which award and why you would like your candidate to be considered. 

Peer Nominated Awards (National Awards awarded by SU):

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an adult in a position other than leader or in addition to being a leader whose service benefits a service unit area or program audience in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position. (More than one person may receive this award in a service unit, in the same year.)


1. The candidate is a registered Girl Scout adult.

2. The candidate has completed appropriate training, or demonstrated competence for the position, or both.

3. The candidate has performed at a level that exceeds the expectation of the position(s) that significantly impacts the growth and development of the girls.

 The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes troop leaders and assistant troop leaders whose performance in working with girls is so outstanding that it merits recognition by the service unit. (More than one person per service unit/per year may receive this award.)


1. The candidate is a registered Girl Scout adult.

2. The candidate has completed appropriate training, or demonstrated competence in girl-adult partnership, communication, membership development, pluralism, and program delivery.

3. The candidate’s work has significantly impacted the growth and development of the girls.

 The Spirit Award recognizes non-member individuals, groups/ organizations, or businesses that offer service or non-monetary support that is deserving of council-wide recognition.


1. Candidates are individuals, groups/organizations, or businesses who are not members of Girl Scouts.

2. Candidate’s service or support benefits one or more service unit, or geographic area.

Peer Nominated Awards (RB SU’s own Awards):

The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes someone who is new to our service unit the year who is doing 100% and it really shows. 

The Cookie Parent Award  recognizes a volunteer that really helped the troop or service unit be successful with cookie sales.   

Self-Nominated Awards (National Awards awarded by SU):

 The Award of Distinction recognizes members of the service unit team or leaders/co-leaders who have carried out the duties and responsibilities of the position that they hold for the entire year.      

Form of recognition: The Award of Distinction is a multi-colored enamel pin. The pin is awarded for the first year the award is received and comes with three separate center colors: white for service unit manager, yellow for leader/co-leader and red for service unit team member. For each successive year that the award is received, a gold bell-shaped attachment to the pin is awarded with a different colored border denoting the year.

The Adult Position Bar indicates the present position of a volunteer in the Girl Scout organization. A light blue indicates the position of leader/co-leader and the red a Service Unit Team Member.  New members to the team or leaders will receive this pin. 

 A Pin for the Number of Years in Girl Scouts (as an adult AND a girl) is given with special pins for 5, 10, 15, etc. 


 Troop 8804's Brownie Pet Badge Workshop

Troop 8804 ran a Brownie Pet Badge Workshop! Girls learned how to take care of many different kinds of pets, make dog and cat toys, muck a stable, and make dog biscuits. Donations are going to the San Diego Humane Society. The girls talked about their Silver Award and why it's important to spay and neuter your pets.

2017 Pinewood Derby Encampment for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors at Balboa Campus

We had so much fun at encampment this year! Our service unit had our first pinewood derby with over 50 cars entered in the race. Brownies participated in the Adventure Zone and Juniors had a go 
at the archery range. Everyone enjoyed exploring the new Cabin 3 level with the 6 story treehouse. Lots of fun crafts and SWAPS, finished off with songs and s'mores by the campfire. Already looking forward to next year!

                                      Leading the Way Leader Celebration:  
                            The Keynote Speaker was Elena Crespo of Troop 8343!
On August 27, 2016 Girl Scouts of San Diego held an old-day leader training day at the San Diego conference center.  An evening dinner celebration honored leaders and Julie Purdy of 8343 received the Volunteer of the Year award (along with four other deserving volunteers).  The dinner event had a girl keynote speaker and Elena Crespo of 8343 was selected to provide this talk!  

8004 Creates a Fencing Badge 

Troop 8804 Fencing at Team Touché in Sorrento Valley.

The troop created their own Cadette Fencing Badge.


Encampment 2015

See photos from
 Encampment 2015 at Winacka.  Fun was had by all!

Permission Slips/AC Forms-Wondering what is required? 

Permission slips are needed any time you meet outside of your normal location and /or time. Any field trips, walk to the park, meeting at another adult's house, etc. need a permission slip. Permission Forms now go to Sunny Jerome (sunny@thejeromes.us) our new co-Activity Consultant. Sunny just needs to see the top portion filled out and will help you make any corrections needed. Please allow at least one week for these to be processed prior to the event.  

Activity Approval Forms are needed for the following situations. 1) anytime you travel outside of council boundaries (leave San Diego or Imperial County), so Disneyland would need an AA form since it's in Orange County. 2) When you do an overnight sleepover or camping trip, even if it's in town and/or indoors. 3) for any high risk activity.  Activity Approval Forms need to go to another new co-Activity Consultant, Julie Purdy (julie@fmkeeper.com).    If you are not sure which qualify you can always email Julie for clarification.

AA forms need to be sent a month in advance since insurance and other paperwork might be needed from the vendor and can take time to get in order. It's best to submit your paperwork before putting down any deposits so you don't lose your money if an activity is not approved.

The forms look intimidating but they become very easy after a few times and Sunny and Julie are there to help you fill them out if you get stuck. Having these forms filled out and approved helps to cover you as a leader if something unexpected happens so it's in your best interest to get those turned in.

Elena and Revati of Troop 8343 earn their Gold Award

Two girls from Troop 8343 (Elena Crespo and Revati Thatte) earned their Gold Award on June 13, 2015 at a ceremony that recognized 43 girls from the San Diego-Imperial Council.  They are pictured here with their leader, Julie Purdy