Rancho Bernardo Service Unit 686

Get ready for the RBSU Leader Recognition Dinner to be held on June 10th at the Cork and Craft Library Room from 10 am-noon.  RSVP early as space is limited!

Nominate a fellow leader (or yourself)
If you want to nominate an adult for a SU award  (SU award nominations due beginning of May of each year and awards given out at our SU Leader event in June of each year).  Please submit award submissions to Julie Purdy (julie@fmkeeper.com).  

Peer Nominated Awards: 

      1.  The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an adult in a position other than leader or in addition to being a leader whose service benefits a service unit area or program audience in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position. (More than one person may receive this award in a service unit, in the same year.)

2.     The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes troop leaders and assistant troop leaders whose performance in working with girls is so outstanding that it merits recognition by the service unit. (More than one person per service unit/per year may receive this award.)

3.     The Spirit Award recognizes non-member individuals, groups/ organizations, or businesses that offer service or non-monetary support that is deserving of council-wide recognition.

4.     The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes someone who is new to our service unit the year who is doing 100% and it really shows.

5.     The Cookie Parent Award  recognizes a volunteer that really helped the troop or service unit be successful with cookie sales. 

  Self-Nominated Awards:

1.     The Award of Distinction recognizes members of the service unit team or leaders/co-leaders who have carried out the duties and responsibilities of the position that they hold for the entire year.        

2.  The Adult Position Bar indicates the present position of a volunteer in the Girl Scout organization. A yellow pin indicates the position of leader/co-leader and the light blue a Service Unit Team Member.  New members to the team or leaders will receive this pin. 
3.     A Pin for the Number of Years in Girl Scouts (as an adult AND a girl) is given with special pins for 5, 10, 15, etc. 

Obtaining a Summer 2017 Reading Patch 

Still need a summer reading patch?   To order patches, send a check made out to RBSU by September 12th to Michelle Hamand 17075 Ralphs Ranch Rd San Diego, CA 92127 with the troop number in the memo line. The patches are $3 each. Please email any questions to RBSU@girlscoutsrb.org

Troop 2856 Completes their Bronze Award

Junior Girl Scouts Emily Entwistle, Anneliese Fiegl, and Mia Robles, members of Troop 2856, recently completed their Bronze Award project.  Over a year of project planning, learning critical skills, making community connections, and finally, execution of their plan by donating over 300 items to help local children hospitalized at Rady's who are undergoing cancer treatment. Along with the fun activities, board games, movies, project kits that the girls recently delivered, Emily, Anneliese, and Mia wrote personal notes to be handed to those children.  A special thanks to all who supported their efforts and this project. Congratulations to Emily, Anneliese, and Mia! 

Troop 2119 Supports Rady Children's Hospitals Kids

Troop 2119 spent many of their meetings discussing empathy and learning how to support one another through tough times. They learned ways to show their friends and family they care when someone is suffering. After selling Girl Scout cookies in the Fall, Troop 2119 used a large portion of their earnings to give back and show the community they care too. They visited Radys Children's Hospital and interviewed three child life specialists to determine the needs of the hospital. They came back and discussed how they would spend their cookie money. It went towards making 25 Birthday Bags filled with games and crafts as well as over 100 headbands and hats for kids battling cancer on the oncology floor. 50 more Game Bags were packaged with crafts and activities for kids who were in the emergency department. Lastly, they packed 50 Snack Bags for families staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house and purchased laundry detergent, bounce sheets, and a few ride on toys as well. They presented their donations to all three departments and were thrilled knowing they were helping other kids feel better.

Want to know more? Watch the video:  Click Here 

Troop 8856 has been BUSY!!!

Troop 8856 served dessert and lead crafts at Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego.  They have also been working on their Bronze Award projects:  One group created a flier on what to expect as a new pet owner for the Rescued Dog and another created a Moment with Mom for Life Choices Center by throwing a pajama party.

 Troop 8804's Brownie Pet Badge Workshop

Troop 8804 ran a Brownie Pet Badge Workshop! Girls learned how to take care of many different kinds of pets, make dog and cat toys, muck a stable, and make dog biscuits. Donations are going to the San Diego Humane Society. The girls talked about their Silver Award and why it's important to spay and neuter your pets.

2017 Pinewood Derby Encampment for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors at Balboa Campus

We had so much fun at encampment this year! Our service unit had our first pinewood derby with over 50 cars entered in the race. Brownies participated in the Adventure Zone and Juniors had a go 
at the archery range. Everyone enjoyed exploring the new Cabin 3 level with the 6 story treehouse. Lots of fun crafts and SWAPS, finished off with songs and s'mores by the campfire. Already looking forward to next year!