Rancho Bernardo Service Unit 686

Service Unit Level Awards & 
Recognitions Dinner

Want to nominate someone for an award for the great job they have done?  Please submit both peer and self-nominated award submissions to Julie Purdy at julie@fmkeeper.com  by May 3rd, 2015 in order to be considered for the Volunteer Recognitions on June 2nd, 2015.  Please provide who you would like to submit, for which award and why you would like your candidate to be considered. 

Peer Nominated Awards:                                             1.      The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an adult in a position other than leader or in addition to being a leader whose service benefits a service unit area or program audience in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position. (More than one person may receive this award in a service unit, in the same year.)

 2.      The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes troop leaders and assistant troop leaders whose performance in working with girls is so outstanding that it merits recognition by the service unit. (More than one person per service unit/per year may receive this award.)

 3.      The Spirit Award recognizes non-member individuals, groups/ organizations, or businesses that offer service or non-monetary support that is deserving of council-wide recognition.

 4.      The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes someone who is new to our service unit the year who is doing 100% and it really shows.

5.      The Cookie Parent Award  recognizes a volunteer that really helped the troop or service unit be successful with cookie sales.   

Self-Nominated Awards:

1.      The Award of Distinction recognizes members of the service unit team or leaders/co-leaders who have carried out the duties and responsibilities of the position that they hold for the entire year.      

2.      The Adult Position Bar indicates the present position of a volunteer in the Girl Scout organization. A yellow pin indicates the position of leader/co-leader and the red a Service Unit Team Member.  New members to the team or leaders will receive this pin. 

3.      A Pin for the Number of Years in Girl Scouts (as an adult AND a girl) is given with special pins for 5, 10, 15, etc.  

Bronze Award for Troop 8227

Troop 8227 has been working hard on their Bronze Award project, an awareness campaign about the Monarch School and a sock and underwear drive to benefit the children at the school.  The Monarch school is a school for homeless children in downtown San Diego.  Please see the video that the troop made and/or the PowerPoint presentation that the troop made to educate others about the Monarch school. 

Elena Crespo of 8343 is SD San Diego's Cool Girl for 2015

The "Cool Girl" and "Cool Women" were honored on April 14, 2015 at the Del Mar County Club. 

Troop 8175 Visits Illumina, Inc.

8th Grade Cadette troop 8175 had the opportunity to visit Illumina, Inc.  We toured the facility and learned all about DNA and genetic sequencing.  We had the opportunity to extract our own DNA and view some amazing technology.  Two of the employees we met were previous girl scouts themselves and were eager to tell us about their careers.   One went on to pursue degrees in chemistry while the other focused on engineering.  Overall, it was a fascinating tour and we all enjoyed it!

Troop 8771 Earns Old Town Fun Patch
On March, 7, 2015 Troop 8771 participated in a docent led tour of Old Town State Historic Park to earn their Old Town Fun Patch.

Wondering what paperwork is required?  

Paperwork?!!?? When is it needed and where do I send it?

Permission Forms now go to Pauline Tetlow (pauline.tetlow@gmail.com ), our new co-Activity Consultant.

These are needed any time you meet outside of your normal location and /or time. Any field trips, walk to the park, meeting at another adult's house, etc. need a permission slip. Pauline just needs to see the top portion filled out and will help you make any corrections needed. Once you do a couple it gets really easy.

A week in advance is helpful.

Activity Approval Forms are still sent to Anita Cheesman (barkingatnothing@gmail.com). 

AA forms are needed in a few situations. 1) anytime you travel outside of council boundaries (leave San Diego or Imperial County), so Disneyland would need an AA form since it's in Orange County. 2) When you do an overnight sleepover or camping trip, even if it's in town and/or indoors. 3) for any high risk activity. If you are not sure which qualify you can always email Anita for clarification or look at the awesome matrix attached.

AA forms need to be sent a month in advance since insurance and other paperwork might be needed from the vendor and can take time to get in order. It's best to submit your paperwork before putting down any deposits so you don't lose your money if an activity is not approved.

The forms look intimidating but they become very easy after a few times and Pauline and Anita are there to help you fill them out if you get stuck. Having these forms filled out and approved helps to cover you as a leader if something unexpected happens so it's in your best interest to get those turned in.

Gold Award Project by Elena Crespo

Elena Crespo, Troop 8343, traveled to the Hospital Infantil De Las Californias in Tijuana on November 15, 2014 as part of a group
 of 50 volunteers to work with Cerebral Palsy patients. Most of the volunteers were speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Elena became involved when she donated wheel chairs, socks, and shoes to the program as part of her Gold Award.  She took three large bags of shoes donated this past week on this trip. This program is conducted four times per year. If you have used children’s tennis shoes to donate, please contact Elena at elena@letchildrenlearn.org.  

Troop 8235 Working on their Bronze Award 

Stone Ranch Troops 8235, 2193, 2197, 2095 and 8809 and 8797 (not pictured) got together to create beautiful Holiday Cards for our deployed Military Troops. The girls had fun making the cards and know they will make a soldier smile this Holiday