RBSU Meetings/Dates and Contacts

Troop Leader Meetings

(Unable to obtain a meeting room on Tuesdays. Thus, meetings on Mondays. Will follow GSSD guidance and are subject to change.)

9/20/21 - in person

10/18/21 - zoom

11/15/21 - in person

12/2021 - potential TEAM social

1/24/22 - in person

2/28/22 - zoom

3/21/22 - in person

4/25/22 - zoom

RBSU Team Meetings

(First or Second Monday of the month.)









Key Dates 2021-2022

Oct 1: Girl Scout year begins

Oct 5: Fall Program sales begins

Oct 24: Card orders due

Nov 13: Nut delivery to warehouse

Dec 15: Troop Cookie initial order due

Jan 18: Digital Cookie opens

Jan 29: Cookie delivery day

Jan 30: Cookie program begins

Feb 19 Winacka Warriors Troopcampment

Sept 30: Girl Scout year ends

Council Contacts and Forms

For Girl Scouts San Diego (GSSD) Council contacts, please visit Girl Scouts San Diego

For GSSD Council Forms click here


Interested in joining team? Please contact our SU Manager at rbsumanager@gmail.com.

SU Manager - Michelle Lyons (rbsumanager@gmail.com)

SU Registrar - Kerry Boesch

SU Treasurer - Brenda Maas

Lead Membership Recruiter - OPEN

Activity Consultant - Michelle Hamand (michellebetts@netscape.net)

SU Fall Product Program Coordinator - Ramona Singer

SU Cookie Coordinator - Sherri Camarata

SHARE Coordinator - Amy Healey

Su Recognitions - TBD

Service Project Ideas - Stephanie Wiesenfarth (sweisen1@me.com)